We work with you to come up with the most competitive rates available.  Our rates are fully inclusive WCB, CPP & EI. Only hours worked will be billed and nothing more.

We are constantly sourcing electricians through a variety of networks. This allows us to have options when meeting specific skill sets. 

Simply give us a call or drop us a line with your request. We will setup a call going over your specific needs and timelines, once we have that figured out we begin the process of matching you to qualified electricians.

Our focus is simply on providing electrical staffing solutions. This allows us to focus on the trade and to provide better qualified electricians for your projects.

The minimum requirement for an electrician is 1 week. There is no maximum amount of time. We also offer discounts for long-term hires.


Wages vary depending on the position. We offer competitive rates that match industry standards.

As we continue to grow we would like to have a network of job openings to choose from. Our goal is to have a steady list of job opportunities that provides work year round.

Yes. We welcome contractors for all of our positions.

Yes, you are required to have basic hand tools and proper PPE for site. You are also expected to provide your own transportation.

Simply drop us a line with your resume and we will do the rest. If a position aligns to your skill set we will give you a call to begin the screening process.